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We arrive on site to support Pharma brand managers and their Agency of Record. Fulfilling their wishes for more streamlined production. Faster MLR acceptance. And an earlier entry to market. It’s a proven process that has rewarded Deerfield clients with hundreds of thousands—even millions—in annual savings. It can be your reality as well.

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Imagining a way to get more from your product’s life cycle.

Product Life Cycle

The GO2 process creates a new kind of marketing partner—your Agency of Brand.

[  Deerfield supports you and your Agency of Record.  ]

Your Agency of Record (AOR) develops your brand positioning, strategy, messaging along with the graphic personality and standards. Deerfield acts as your Agency of Brand, and applies these elements to specific applications using the most effective print and digital production techniques—and a more direct approval process—GO2.

G02 Approval Process

Without the ability to anticipate MLR objections to design or copy, creative work can go through round after round of revisions. Forcing the project’s design, account and traffic people to touch the project again-and-again—adding cost and delays.

Go2 Process

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Go2 Process Workflow

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Deerfield Studio Services

[  Deerfield Studio Services  ]

Our designers work within your existing brand standards to build the day-to-day executions you need quickly. Tasks such as versioning existing material, sales support, direct mail campaigns and web sites. Deerfield builds digital mechanicals and manages all aspects of production.

Deerfield Studio Services

[  Deerfield Creative Services  ]

We can also develop tactical campaigns to meet specific marketing goals. We supply compliance friendly, brand-consistent design and messaging. Examples include multi-channel campaigns to meet fresh marketing challenges.


“I think highly of the Deerfield Go2 process. In partnering with them, we were able to document over $3,500,000 in hard-cost savings.”

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Account Executive - Philadelphia, PA

The Account Executive is responsible for managing relationships with clients and leading projects within accounts.

The AE guides the campaign and project process. The AE has the ability to clearly articulate the brand’s marketing challenges and opportunities, manage multiple projects, provide strategic insights, and actively solve problems. He/she interacts with the Creative team, Production staff, and clients in managing short and long-term projects that span multiple mediums, including print, interactive, and TV/video. The AE should have the ability to handle account management responsibilities while respecting and protecting confidential client information.

PLEASE NOTE: this is not a sales job.