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Does your brand DNA deliver?

by Sam Cannizzaro, Jennine Avino-Rivera, and Martin Frey

June 3, 2024        thought leader

Does your brand DNA deliver?

Whether building or inheriting a brand – any brand (corporate, master, retail, service, etc) – its DNA is at the very core of your stewardship and mission. Who are you? What do you stand for? What is your vision? As a brand, those are all very fundamental answers you must define for your audience, and because each embodies humanity, your brand must show up with a human soul. A brand needs a personality, a voice, a story, and many other attributes to create an evergreen experience that evokes the emotions in its audience and generates trust, belief, and affinity. The proof is in the numbers: 81% of consumers need to trust a brand to consider buying from it.

Since a corporate/parent brand can support multiple business verticals, product line extensions, and a portfolio of products, establishing this very belief and emotional connectivity becomes even more critical. Simply, don’t underestimate the demand power of your brand and the influence it has on product sales – today and in the future. If you are pre- or post-market and have fallen short, you can catch up. Our approach is straightforward and time tested:

More than facts and/or data alone, stories drive connection, empathy, and memory recall – and, as humans, we are hardwired for story. Through the neuroscience of story, Deerfield marries the emotional with the rational to establish brand connections that build business, create lasting customer relationships, and drive innovation in service of your mission.

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