Who We Are

We are a company founded by experienced agency and production specialists who know the pharmaceutical industry.

We are marketing experts with 40 years of combined experience, who have worked with brand managers, marketing services, MLR and purchasing.

Managing Partners

Paul Brown

Since January 2014, as a founding partner of Deerfield, Paul has applied his years of experience to oversee the Deerfield Print Production Services department. Paul is instrumental in guiding the Deerfield team members with strategic and tactical recommendations grounded in his extensive industry best practices learned in print management, first as an account team member, then as an advertising agency executive.

Paul specializes in collaborating with clients and external manufacturing vendors to yield the best market print solutions for our customers. He does this by clearly and frequently communicating with the brand and the production teams, to quickly address client concerns, then problem solve for optimal solutions. Email Paul: pbrown@deerfieldagency.com

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Frank Burrell

With over 18 years of industry experience, Frank joined Deerfield as a Partner in March 2017. Frank has a bachelor's degree in marketing and has completed the MBA program at Villanova School of Business. He is an innovative sales operations and marketing professional with expertise in both retail and specialty commercial brands across various therapeutic categories.

Frank is a valued partner who focuses on accountability and has the ability to understand and apply statistical data to increase overall efficiency and profitability. He enjoys providing effective and collaborative solutions to our client's business challenges because of his experience in both marketing and sales operations, which enables him to provide comprehensive marketing strategies that will not only drive revenue, but can also be easily integrated within a company's infrastructure. Email Frank: fburrell@deerfieldagency.com

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Joshua Benson

With over 20 years of experience as a pharmaceutical industry vendor, print and packaging expert, advertising agency account executive, and graphic designer, Joshua has a very well-rounded background which includes significant experience working directly with a brand's MLR department.

His deep, diverse category expertise matches the diversity in vendor/agency roles played, including neurology, oncology, immunology, medical devices, men's health, orthopedics, endocrinology, eyecare, pain management, and aesthetics. He has led content strategy and business planning, ultimately helping to support over 25 product launches and build onsite creative studios that help a brand manage its day-to-day workload in real time. Email Joshua: jbenson@deerfieldagency.com

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"Working with Deerfield partners on-site has been a positive experience in every way. With their diligence and attention to detail, they consistently go the extra mile and produce on-time, quality output.”