Unbiased–it's kind of our brand

Deerfield was founded by seasoned experts whose unbiased collaboration set a new marketing standard – one that redefined the agency model and eliminated unnecessary inefficiencies. Thus, the world's first and only Agency of Brand® was born.

What started as a print management company soon evolved into more than just an agency. Our unbiased approach means we'll become an extension of our client's marketing team to deliver smarter, faster, and more creative solutions with undeniable results.

We do not have to do everything for you, but what we do for you means everything to us.”

Joshua Benson, Founding Partner

The status quo doesn't cut it

In our oversaturated, fast-paced world, it takes something different to make people stop and take a second look. That's where we come in. Deerfield knows healthcare by heart. By becoming a brand's unbiased marketing partner, we're committing to do whatever it takes to deliver our expertise to clients and break them free from the status quo.



A human-inspired healthcare agency

Our mission is to elevate the standard of healthcare marketing, and that work starts at home. By equipping our employees with the skills and benefits they need to succeed, we're dedicated to nurturing them both professionally and personally. After all, helping people live healthier lives is what we do.

Group shot of the Deerfield team.

new connections

We turn passions into careers

The professional success of our employees is paramount. By providing them opportunities to build external relationships and gain valuable memberships, we're committed to helping them expand their networks and advance their careers.

  • College recruitment and networking
  • Professional group networking and roundtable discussions
  • Memberships to healthcare trade organizations

new connections

Frank Burrell speaking at a conference.

continuous improvement

Co-workers training a new employee outside.

continuous improvement

Our excellence is homegrown

That's why we've developed avenues to elevate employee voices to help them shape their experience and ensure that everyone's achievements become part of the Deerfield legacy.

  • Personal and professional growth opportunities
  • Training programs
  • Monthly Lunch and Learns
  • Well-being initiatives

community involvement

It's about people – always

We strive to create a culture of unity, support, and collaboration – both in the office and beyond. It's what drives our passion to give back to the Deerfield communities in a meaningful way.

  • Employee volunteer days
  • Nonprofit board and committee opportunities
  • Food drives
  • Holiday gift drives

community involvement

The Deerfieeld team participating in a community playground clean up.

socials and celebrations

The Deerfield team celebrating St. Patricks day.

socials and celebrations

Healthcare is human – we celebrate ours

It's not meetings and deadlines all the time. To recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of our employees, our social events aim to remind them to step away from their laptops and have some fun with their colleagues.

  • Cheers for Peers
  • Lunch with a Leader
  • Team-building activities
  • Recognition programs

Introducing the dream team

Great leadership is hard to come by – but not impossible. Get to know the humans behind ours.

meet our leaders